Natural processing Drying Natural on Patio Nicaragua Coffee

Natural processing

Natural or “Dry” process coffees is a process where the fruit is picked when ripe and laid out to dry on massive patios or raised beds for weeks at a time. The fruit will dry completely around the seed before being hulled off.  Yeast and bacteria will enter the fruit and begin to metabolize the …

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Natural processing Washed Coffee

Washed Processing

Once the ripe cherries have been picked, they are delivered to a wet mill where they are loaded into a depulping machine which forces the beans out of the cherry. At this stage, the beans are contained within the pulp of the cherry, also known as the mucilage. This sticky mucilage is composed of natural …

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Natural processing IMG 8112 Coffee

New Single Origin Release – Colombia: Paraiso Enigma

We’ve just gone live with a new Colombian coffee that will, frankly, blow you away! On the cupping table Paraiso Enigma stood out from the pack… by a country mile. It’s mouth watering as filter or spro!This coffee has been processed using Eco-Enigma equipment which uses condensation and re-circulation to minimise any environmental impact due to sudden …

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Natural processing Honey process compared Coffee

Honey Processing

The two most common methods of processing the cherry are washed process and natural process. Honey processing, however, is somewhere in the middle. The cherry peel is removed but some amount of the fleshy inside, the “mucilage”, remains while the beans are dried.  Producers and exporters referring to coffees as white honey, yellow honey, orange honey, red honey, and …

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Natural processing Abel Recinos Coffee


Our newest El Salvadorian crop. A stunning 86 pointer from Chalatenango, La Palma. The municipality of la Palma in Chalatenango, where Abel Recinos was born and raised, is mountainous and has great climatic conditions to produce specialty coffee. This municipality has a thriving artisan community with hundreds of colours and crafts all over: in the streets, the restaurants, …


Natural processing Pilar Coffee

New Single Origin Release – Peru: Pilar Sasame

Our latest coffee release is a stunning 86 pointer from Peruv and is grown on a family owned farm sitting over 1700masl! Aside from the cup profile and super clean finish, what makes this coffee so special as it’s not only grown on Pilar Samame Monslave’s family owned farm but he also processes his crops there too! Region: El Mirador, Las Pirias, Jaen Altitude: …

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Badger and Dodo

New Single Origin Release: Uganda:Chigalagala

Our latest coffee release is a first for us from the up and coming speciality origin of Uganda. This is an opportunity to try a truly unique naturally processed coffee bursting with mouth watering tropical fruit, slightly winey notes and a candy sweetness!

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