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Brew Guide V60

Here’s our simple to follow step by step guide on how to brew the perfect coffee at home. In this guide we will be focusing on the Hario V60. 

You’ll need the following:- 

1. Freshly roasted coffee beans (ground with your own grinder where possible) Get yours here!

2. Hario V60

3. Digital Scale 

4. Water off the boil

5. Your favourite cup

  • Put paper into filter and rinse with hot water
  • Put 15g of fresh ground medium coffee carefully into bottom of cone filter – so that it sits flat and is not stuck up along the side walls. Weigh the coffee as all coffees weigh differently.
  • Put cup and v60 onto scales and tare
  • Pour in 50ml of water off the boil (88 to 93deg) and allow to bloom.
  • You will find a precision pouring kettle such as the Buono invaluable for this part: Pour fast, about 1cm from the side and at at an angle – so as to get a whirlpool going. Keep going to complete a total of 250mls. Total contact time should be less than 3mins.

This method of pouring soaks all the grounds and gets them suspended and agitating in the brew. It also leaves you with a flat bed – ie, all the coffee will be sitting at the bottom of the cone on completion, and not stuck up along the sides of the cone (which would mean coffee at top of cone is under extracted, and others at bottom of the cone are over extracted).

  • Serves 1 cup. Do not dilute. Drink as the cup cools and discover a world of flavours