Irish Artisan Coffee Roasters

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Irish Boutique Coffee Roasters

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Wilton Shopping center 10-1
Midleton 10-1  Douglas 10-2
Come pick up discounted bags of fresh roasted coffees (or bring a refillable container to get even cheaper beans and help the environment) whilst also picking up goodies from many other local leading artisan producers. 

11 Barrack St & 87 south Mall, Cork.

Offering all things speciality coffee:

  • CUPS: to go or sit in, bring your own CLEAN cup to be green & get a discount
  • BEANS: A wide range, whole or ground to order. Bring a canister to be green & get a discount. 
  • BREW: A wide range of home proper brewing equipment & barista supplies.  
  • ADVICE: we’ve over 40 years of specialty coffee experience in our company. Come get it!

Featuring in house:

  • Checkout our SCA designer water system with a reverse osmosis water filter and re-mineraliser which results in ‘designed’ water with the ideal mix of mineral content to best extract water into coffee. 
  • State of the art La Marzocco KB90, with precision scales, auto flush and straight in portafilter. We are agents for La Marzocco so we love displaying their best.