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We are wholesale coffee roasters – we currently supply some 200 venues nationwide with fresh roasted coffee to order. BUT, it’s not just about the beans. We have a dedicated team of trainers doing the rounds to ensure that you are making our coffee right. And we’ll work with you until we are satisfied that you are getting the most out of our coffee and working to our standards to keep our reputation as good as it is. It’s a relationship and like any relationship, we work at keeping it in shape. But it’s also about the machines ….

Who else …

– Has a dedicated Q grader assessing all coffees throughout the storage and roasting process;
– Has a humidity controlled and monitored warehouse dedicated to green bean storage;
– Montoirs green bean moisture levels on arrival and before roasting;
– Has a wonderful, magical, Doctor O. Read our brag about him under ‘Our Story’

Fairy Floss

Launched off the back of Jam Jar, December 2015. This is a very tasty blend. Red forest fruits, blueberry & orange acidity. A simple 2 bean Ethiopian blend – but it’s the beans which count, and how they’re roasted. We’re damn proud of this blend. Works excellent as filter or in espresso.

Jam Jar

Launched September 2015, composed of 3 speciality beans. From extensive tasting and sourcing travels through London and West Coast USA we developed this speciality blend.

This emphasis of this blend is on being sweet and full bodied.

Blackwater Blend

This is our premium 4 bean blend. Looking to many local factors Brock developed this blend to co-incide with what he studied to be the typical Irish palate: full bodied and sweet, but not bitter.

This blend has been in existence since day 1 in our roastery and has been fine tuned to be our idea of the epitome of what many Irish people want from their coffee. This is a highly consistent blend that does not vary throughout the year.

Red Rock

This is our 3 bean North Italian blend. Containing the only speciality graded Robusta in the world, this blend gives very full body and sweet flavour, without the cheap iconic Robusta flavour anticipated by the coffee varietal.

This blend is here to satisfy those customers who are looking for a more traditional Italian-esq cup.

Speciality, Single Origin and Estate Coffees

This is where the fun is. These are seasonal coffees that are constantly changing. Very often we are buy entire micro lots, giving us world exclusivity on that coffee – when we do this you know that the coffee is truly exceptional. If it’s not a micro lot then it’s a coffee worthy of sitting amidst our collection to complete our boutique range from around the world.


  • Swiss Water?DECAFFEINATED?Brazil. Very smooth and full bodied.

No chemical residual or nasty after taste.


We can’t stress how important this is. The espresso machine is like the heart of your operation and needs careful consideration. We have worked on so many machines over the years and evolved with the technologies that are now out there. We realise that the best machines aren’t always a preference for everyone, but, it is important that you choose the right machine for your expected sales and barista skill level. Lets also just say that cheap machines will let you down sooner and won’t help your staff make better coffee. We have built stong distribution networks with several of the very best manufacturers in the world. Naturally, all have local technicians to provide you with crucial support should you need it.



We also distribute for the following grinder manufacturers; Mahlkonig, Nuova Simonelli, Anfim and the Mazzer. In the current market we have found that grind on demand is essential to both consistnecy and waste managment.



Financially it makes the most sense to buy a machine outright, if you cannot afford this then the next best option is lease to buy – if you are considering this option then we can get you an answer within 24hrs. Over a 3 year period your lease payments will be the same price per month as that of a 2 year rental … the difference is that you own the machine after 3 years, whereas you will never own a machine via rental agreements.

Barista Training

Barista Training

Quite simply: we won’t let you open without it, furthermore, it is highly advisable to open with experienced staff … would you let an untrained chef cook in your kitchen ?

Our Barista Trainers are 100% passionate and experienced about coffee. All of them have completed SCAE Diploma in Coffee courses, but more importantly, we are well experienced as trainers.

Our standards and approach to making a cup come from years of our own experience working behind coffee machines, cupping roasting and refining at the roastery, and some concepts from SCAE judging workshops & competition models.

We travel to trade shows, barista championships, visit cafes & roasteries from the West Coast USA, to London and Melbourne. We go to these things to monitor trends, catch up with industry genius’ and simply experience the best there is out there in this surprisingly dynamic industry – and then it home !

Probably most important of all, is our follow up. Whilst we stronly encourage you to develop a ‘culture of baristing’ we’ll drop in from time to ad some polish and tell you about new trends and tips in the industry.



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