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Aeropress Brew Guide

Here’s our simple to follow step by step guide on how to brew the perfect coffee at home. In this guide we will be focusing on the Aeropress. 

You’ll need the following:- 

1. Freshly roasted coffee beans (ground with your own grinder where possible) Get them here!

2. Aeropress

3. Digital Scale 

4. Water off the boil

5. Your favourite cup

There are so many ways to make this. Our recommended method is as follows:

  • Boil water, rinse Aeropress and wash paper filter.
  • Construct in the upside down method – ie, put plunger top upside down on the table, insert tube in just 1cm and keep filter off
  • Put 15g of freshly ground medium to fine coffee into the tube and top up with water. Weigh the coffee as all coffees weigh differently.
  • Ensure water is off the boil (88 to 93deg) Fill Aeropress: this is approx 250 ml.
  • Quickly agitate with a long spoon or knife to ensure all grounds along the bottom are wet.
  • Screw on filter, invert into upright position over cup and plunge over 20seconds.
  • Water should be in contact with the coffee for about 90seconds in total
  • Serves 1 cup. Do not dilute. Drink as the cup cools and discover a world of flavors