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Peru - Valle Verde

Cupping score: 85

Raisin, Maple, Nouget

Valle Verde is a communal producer blend made up of coffee from small producers of the Valle Verde Cooperative

A typical farmer within this program will have just above 2 hectares on average, planted with coffee. They are organic certified. The equipment can be extremely simple, but coffees can still be amazing. Some have their own parabolic dryers, others dry on plastic outside their farms, or use a drying facility at their neighbour or relatives place. 

Badger & Dodo - Peru: Valle Verda

What is 85+

Coffee is graded on a system called the Q Grading system. This system grades the quality of coffee out of 100 points. Specialty Coffee is any coffee graded at 80 or higher, we only buy coffees graded by coffee professionals at 85 or higher—85+.

Not to mention we bring 90% of our coffees from origin to the Port of Cork, reducing our carbon footprint, and increasing quality.

This is our ethos, it is who we are, and by partnering with us you in turn are part of the WE in—WE ARE 85+

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We have been sourcing and roasting specialty coffee beans since 2008. Since then we have grown but our goal is the same.

We strive to create sustainable long term relationships with farmers, producers, importers, baristas, customers and businesses all around the world to bring you the highest quality coffee in Ireland. Read More


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11 Barrack Street, Cork & 87 South Mall, Cork.
CUPS: to go or sit in, bring your own CLEAN cup to be green & get a discount.
BEANS: A wide range, whole or ground to order. Bring a canister to be green & get a discount.
BREW: A wide range of home proper brewing equipment & barista supplies.
ADVICE: we’ve over 40 years of specialty coffee experience in our company. Come get it!

Come pick up discounted bags of fresh roasted coffees (or bring a refillable container to get even cheaper beans and help the environment) whilst also picking up goodies from many other local leading artisan producers.

Amazing coffee and very friendly staff
Silky Reviews
Silky Reviews
I'm no coffee connoisseur, but someone who works on the road I drink quite an amount of coffee on the daily, so I know a good coffee when I get one, i called into this fine establishment and got what i can only describe as the best coffee of my life, the coffee itself was spectacular the temperature of the drink was absolutely perfect and the staff were very pleasant and welcoming. Very much so plused with my experience here and would highly recommend. Definitely call back in when in Cork again.
John Cashman
John Cashman
Great spot to get coffee and chat to the staff about coffee
Michael Ryan
Michael Ryan
Lovely coffee and one of the few places I feel comfortable in going to.

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