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We’re thrilled to announce that we are hosting the 2023 Irish Aeropress Championships—the winner scores Flights + 3 Days Accommodation to represent Ireland in the World Aeropress Championship in Melbourne this December!! ☕✨

Mark your calendars for October 20th at @monkskitchenclondalkin , Clondalkin, Dublin.

For more information or to register CLICK HERE.


Roaster's Choice | COFFEE OF THE WEEK

Honduras El Bosque

Cupping score: 86.5

Winey, Blood Orange, Bakers Chocolate

Finca El Bosque was founded in the year 2000 by the Garcia Family, the variety planted here is Red Catuaí, with tree ages ranging between 18 to 20 years old, in an extension of 3.48 hectares of land.

The farm is established in the Pedernal Village, in the department of San José, approximately 35 minutes away from Marcala. It has an altitude of 1,550 meters above sea level.

All you need is a cup, and hot water just off boil—and you have a perfectly brewed cup of specialty coffee!

8 x “Handbag’able” sachets perfect for:

  • The Office
  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Trips abroad
  • Visits with the family (instead of drinking their instant, or being forced to bring your whole kit. Let’s be honest we have all done it 😁)

Whatever the occasion, these small sachets fit perfectly in your Backpack, Luggage, or Handbag and produce a high quality product consistently every time.


Badger and Dodo My project

About Badger and Dodo

We have been sourcing and roasting specialty coffee beans since 2008. Since then we have grown but our goal is the same.

We strive to create sustainable long term relationships with farmers, producers, importers, baristas, customers and businesses all around the world to bring you the highest quality coffee in Ireland. Read More


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What is 85+ ?

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Coffee is graded on a system called the Q Grading system. This system grades the quality of coffee out of 100 points. Specialty Coffee is any coffee graded at 80 or higher, we only buy coffees graded by coffee professionals at 85 or higher—85+.

Not to mention we bring 90% of our coffees from origin to the Port of Cork, reducing our carbon footprint, and increasing quality.

This is our ethos, it is who we are, and by partnering with us you in turn are part of the WE in—WE ARE 85+

Badger and Dodo outlets

Outlets & Markets

11 Barrack Street, Cork & 87 South Mall, Cork.
CUPS: to go or sit in, bring your own CLEAN cup to be green & get a discount.
BEANS: A wide range, whole or ground to order. Bring a canister to be green & get a discount.
BREW: A wide range of home proper brewing equipment & barista supplies.
ADVICE: we’ve over 40 years of specialty coffee experience in our company. Come get it!

Come pick up discounted bags of fresh roasted coffees (or bring a refillable container to get even cheaper beans and help the environment) whilst also picking up goodies from many other local leading artisan producers.

Loclann Aiken
Loclann Aiken
In the last year I've been using their Blackwater bean for an espresso recipe (1:2 for 18g in 25-30s) on a Sage Smart Grinder Pro at inner burr 3/outer dial 6. Also use the exact same recipe on the Niche Zero at setting 11
Johnney O'Sullivan
Johnney O'Sullivan
Really lovely espresso
Martin Begley
Martin Begley
I order all my coffee from Badger & Dodo as it is so good and is ethically sourced too.
kieran Kenneally
kieran Kenneally
Nice small coffee shop with a small but cosy sitting area. Good music playing in the background, toilets are clean and the service and Coffee are excellent. Coffee such a dark creamy colour before I put in some milk. You just know it's good before you even taste it.
Ian O'Sullivan
Ian O'Sullivan
Bought the Home Brew course for my sister and wife as a gift. They loved it. Sister said "Great way to spend a few hours and you'd learn a lot from it! Cormac knowledge of all things coffee is 'unbrewlievable' ". Brock, 'the badger' sponsors our Aussie Rules Football club, the Leeside Lions. We start most game days with a trip to Barrick street to get us up and running!!!

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