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Consistency is key!

We all know the standards of coffee over the last couple of years has grown dramatically. We also know that equipment has changed also to provide those standards consistently. We have always ensured that the machinery we offer our customers has been vigorously tested by the manufacturer and the products themselves are value for money! This is why we stock our range of OD (on demand) and GBW (grind by weight) grinders to offer to our customers to ensure the coffee we roast is being ground consistently and efficiently with no waste. 

On Demand Grinders

On demand grinders are something of a standard now when it comes to espresso brewing. Freshly grinding coffee is crucial to ensuring controlled extraction when brewing all types of coffee but is critically important when brewing espresso as it’s concentrated nature allows little room for error. 

OD grinders are very efficient and allow us to control many variables including grind size and dosage. Depending on the make and model, we offer grinder that can grind a full shot between 3-6 seconds. 

We offer a wide range of options for OD grinders such as Mythos One’s, Mahlkonig E80S, Compak E8 and Anfim Practica’s are all our grinders come with operational training provided by your account manager. 

Grind By Weight Grinders

Even though OD grinders are very efficient, and can be controlled easily, they cannot exactly control the amount of coffee that comes out of the grinder. 

If you read our Newsletter last month, we talked about bench scales from the Acaia range and talked about the variable of weight being a major factor when brewing espresso. Well imagine a grinder that could control the amount of coffee by having scales built in to the portafilter bracket! You don’t have to, because we got em! 

We offer a range of options on this type of grinder including the Compak E8 and the Mahlkonig E65 S GBW and the brand new Mahlkonig E80S launching soon.

For more information about our grinder options and if you would be interested in upgrading, please contact Jacob or Matt who will be happy to take you through the wide range we have on offer!

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