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Our new retail roastery outlet is open!!!

So now we've finally opened our very own "Roastery outlet" at 11 Barrack St, Cork
Badger and Dodo

Hi all,
We’ve finally opened our very own “Roastery outlet” at 11 Barrack St, Cork. What is a ‘Roastery Outlet’? Well to put it briefly, it’s where we can bring all we have and know to the public. The best in Beans, Machines and Baristas. If you can be green and bring your own canister, or buy one of our coffee-specific ones, then coffee is cheaper here than buying it online. 

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We’re proud to say shots will be pulled on Irelands very the first La Marzocco KB90. This espresso machine doesn’t just look pretty… it’s state of the art. Self purge, straight loading, built in scale for precise espresso, it really is a masterpiece!

IMG 20191209 WA0007 2

This system looks pretty fancy doesn’t it ? That’s because it is and we believe it’s another 1st for a cafe in Ireland. 

We use ‘designer water’ to pull shots. 2 facts about water :
1) Water makes some 98% of the content of your espresso shot / Americano.
2) In Ireland, it is a sad fact that water can kill you ! A bit of an extreme statement but true. In the least, regular water has fluoride, chlorine, lime and many minerals which play with how coffee is extracted into water and how you taste it.

This system removes every impurity. We then re-mineralise it with the ideal minerals to extract water into coffee.  

IMG 20191209 WA0008 2

A huge retail wall offering the very best of brewing equipment, barista supplies, coffee refills and reusable cups! From Zero to Hero, we have kits and bits for everyone. We’re striving for zero waste from our cafe so if you’re looking to buy beans feel free to bring along your own container or pick up one of our coffee specific airtight/lightproof cannisters!

All equipment prices replicate that online… just without the added cost of shipping.

Above all else we’re aiming to bring you a warm and welcoming coffee experience with great customer service and some of the best equipment the industry has to offer. Keep an eye out for some up coming events and our latest coffee releases!

11 Barrack St, Cork
Opening Hours:-
Mon – Friday 8-6
Sat 9-5
Sun 10-4

#CV19 Amended to Mon-Sun 9-4 

Drop by and say hi!!!

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