Let’s ‘paint a picture’ of our newest full-time employee for you: Mick spent years working as a food scientist and HACCP coordinator for Odlums. A change in pace brought him to scale down and run our markets in Wilton and Douglas in 2016. He picked up a bit of extra work with one of Ireland’s major coffee roasters as a barista trainer and technician for a year or so where he ‘cut his teeth’, so to speak, before coming back full time with us about 8 months ago. Since then we have sent him on an electrician course and to England with machine manufacturers to learn about servicing and rebuilding machines… his true passion.


Mick has now finished compiling a database of all of our Munster and Connacht customers, let’s say South of a line drawn from Dublin to Galway. This database lists your machine, grinder, water filter and we keep notes on the last time we trained/visited your account. We want to give you the option of ensuring that your machinery is kept in proper running order, we are calling it ‘active servicing’. You are much better off servicing your machine and keeping it in proper working order, instead of waiting for it to break down and hoping we can get to you in time to fix it, whilst you lose customers and revenue. Don’t forget that it’s in our best interest that you are kept up and running selling our coffee! 

 In this respect we offer a basic service pack which includes:

  1.  For the machine – replace group seals, safety valve   & vacuum valve
  2.  For the grinder – thorough clean and change of   grinder burrs
  3.  Change water filter cartridge

Prices will vary according to machine types and distance to site. But you are far better off getting all this one in one call out as that is the most expensive part of any service. Please email Mick if you would like a quote on a service pack. Of course, we can still service your machine outside of this, and, if you are handy then you might want to change the group seals, burrs on the grinder and/or the water cartridge yourself. Simply order them from Aga next time and save the call-out fee. Each of these should be done at least annually, more frequently if you are using in excess of 20kgs per week.


  •  Sunday and Monday: RDO
  •  Tuesday and Saturday: Markets
  •  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: Active servicing
  •  Email:
  •  Phone: 086 7751388


Aaron is keeping a close watch on your needs and we have a network of third party engineers that cover all makes and models of coffee equipment. You can call him direct on 0858755400 or email