On Jan 4 we unloaded our 1st container of direct trade coffee ever!
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On Jan 4 we unloaded our 1st container of direct trade coffee ever! Direct from Brazil’s Port of Santos into Port of Cork! We are very proud of this moment as it heralds in a whole new era of buying coffee for us. Just some of the benefits of this are:

– NO exposure to Brexit boarder hold-ups or customs duties. Previously we had brought coffee in across the boarder from the UK, either from British brokers, or brokers further afield. Either way, crossing that boarder which now looms around an uncertain future. 

– More for the farmer… We still pay 3 to 4 times more than the average fair trade price. This time more going back to the farmer as we eliminate middle men. 

– More jobs for the Irish economy… Instead of using UK based hauliers, warehousing, customs.
If you’ve been following our story over the past 12 months you will have seen we took a trip to Brazil in October ’19, peak harvest season. For 3 days of our journey we were in the Bourbon Speciality head quarters in Pocos de Caldas. We cupped hundreds of coffees, traveling from farm to farm and met some amazing, passionate coffee growers. Get it here…

Yamava is a new main line coffee offering from us…
 roasted in a southern hemisphere espresso style
 specifically for for preparation via espresso

– replacing Mantiqueira and replacing one of our core 10 year old blends, Red Rock. 

– from 342 hectare farm with 284 hectares planted with coffee. In 2013 the farm and it’s coffee began winning contests for their quality and were also finalists of Alta Mogiana competitions on four consecutive occasions.

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