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Sweet, Jammy
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After several months of research via London and west coast USA, lots playing around with various blends and even more cupping ….. “Jam Jar” was born. This is a 3 bean speciality espresso blend composed of Colombian, Brazilian and Ethiopian coffees.

Whilst the Colombian & Ethiopian we use in this are speciality and seasonal, we are sourcing them in 6 month lots. When we need to replace them we are sourcing crops with a similar profile – both will always cup above 85. This means we will always have Colombian & Ethiopian coffees on offer as speciality coffees – please refer to our website – these will be the ones used in this blend, the Ethiopian one we use in this blend will be the Natural Processed one. The Brazilian is an extremely stable 3 bean blend called Lindeza – which we also serve as single origin, though not listed online, and cupping at 82.5

As always with us, all beans are roasted to their own peak profile in our ‘Doctor O’ before blending, so that each coffee contributes its own unique characteristics.

Cupping notes:
Hints of jammy plum & cherry.
Full body and creamy texture.
Dark chocolate, caramel and butterscotch notes.
Chocolate truffle aftertaste.

Espresso brewing dial in:
19g over 25 seconds, yielding a 40ml double shot
If your machine has the capability, drop the brewing temperature at the group head to 90 degrees – this reveals an extra depth of sweetness !

1 review for Jam Jar Espresso

  1. John Paul (verified owner)

    Such a nice coffee, makes a beautiful americano

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