Pay Once 6 Month Coffee Subscription Decaf

From:  93.42 for 6 months

Chocolate, Sugar syrup, Lime

Decaf 6 Month Subscription - Badger & Dodo
Pay Once 6 Month Coffee Subscription Decaf From:  93.42 for 6 months
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Decaf Coffee Subscription

Pay one time and get a delivery of our current favourite decaf coffee every month.

Brazil – SWD Decaf

Altitude: 1000–1200 m.a.s.l

Varieties:  Bourbon, Catuai

Process: SWD

Drying: Sundried on parabolic bed

Cupping notes:  Chocolate cream, Pecan

You’re missing out on the caffeine and that’s your choice, fine, really, no …. reeaaally – BUT why miss out on body, flavour & acidity ?

The Swiss Water Process first involves the production of Green Coffee Extract (GCE) which is created using a batch of coffee beans soaked in water. After the water removes the caffeine as well as other flavour compounds, the beans are disposed of and this liquid is filtered to remove the caffeine. This is done with carbon filters: once these pull out all the caffeine, the GCE can be used once again to remove caffeine from the beans.

Because of the flavour compounds already in this liquid, the beans will retain these compounds while releasing their caffeine as soluble compounds will continually move from bean to liquid until they reach a point of equilibrium. The process normally takes about 10 hours and is constantly monitored until the beans are 99.9% caffeine free.