Pay Once 6 Month Coffee Subscription Colombia El Tambo

From:  91.80 for 6 months

Nougat, Pear, Brown Sugar

Pay Once 6 Month Coffee Subscription Colombia El Tambo From:  91.80 for 6 months
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*For subscribers please note that we expect this coffee to run until Q4 2023, after which we will replace it with a fresh crop from Colombia, hand picked by us and traded directly by the full container into Port of Cork.

Region: Cauca

Altitude: 1700-2000 masl

Varieties: Castillo, Caturra

Process: Washed

Cupping notes: Nougat, Pear, Brown Sugar

Cupping score: 85

Colombia is one of the world’s top producers of Arabica coffee, and over the years the country has become synonymous with quality coffee. The country has nurtured its coffee industry over the years and the spirit of innovation is strong; new coffee varieties and processing innovations have come from Colombia as well as classic, balanced lots beloved by coffee drinkers. Most of the country’s coffee is grown by small producers scattered in its many coffee growing regions located in the department of Cauca at 1.700 m.a.s.l. The region’s topography is perfect to grow exceptional coffee. The area is sheltered by the Andes mountain range which helps generate homogeneous climatic and altitudinal characteristics.

We collaborate with approximately 65 growers who contribute to this program and with whom we build long-term relationships. This program also encourages farmers to focus on quality. It involves 67 selected farms in the department of Cauca. This program gives work directly to at least 400 people in harvest times. The 67 farms of Our Popayan Program were carefully selected, and the commitment of this program is to offer coffees that are sweet and balanced while the program encourages farmers to get better as they get even better premiums once they achieve a cup above 85 points.