From farm-to-cup we reduce our carbon footprint by reusing 90% of our waste produced, recycling the other 10%, and renewing our commitment to go even further in the coming year.

As a company we are on an ongoing mission to discover ways to not only reduce our own carbon footprint but also the footprint of our products once they leave our roastery.

Our latest projects.

Well, after months of working with a few volunteer cafes and ironing out a few minor creases along the way we are proud to announce the initiative is now live and available to all of our wholesale partners.

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Our current current initiatives in place are…

We have a REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE policy in the roastery, with a RECYCLE collection.

We offer bulk packaging of our coffee to cafes in REUSABLE grainpro bags

We offer a fully COMPOSTABLE range of takeaway cups and lids

Our 250g retail bags are RECYCLABLE

We offer several REUSABLE takeaway cups

We offer REUSABLE coffee storage canisters

We COMPOST our Coffee chaf

We donate our jute bags to an organic farm

We RECYCLE our water filter cartridges

We send coffee to our wholesale accounts in REUSED cardboard boxes