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Coffee goes on a very long journey from farm to cup.

> We partner with farmers who provide us with coffee which scores 85 or more out of 100 (for detail on this, visit our blog post MORE THAN 85+). There is so much effort that goes into this we cannot do it justice to even begin on this topic here. 

> We then spend countless hours cupping, roasting and fine tuning the roast, choosing the best quality bags and delivering it as fresh as we can to you. 

> You may then have spent thousands of Euros, even tens of thousands of euros on the best machinery for your barista to turn that into a cup of coffee. 

But what is the point of any of this if you have unskilled, untrained baristas who let this whole chain down in the last minute of its life?

The single biggest room for error in a quality cup is the barista who prepares the coffee. They aren’t waiters. They aren’t barmen. They are skilled baristas. 

We can train them but in the end it is up to you, the business owner, to ensure that they are on the game – and if you want to succeed in the increasingly competitive coffee environment today then it is an absolute certainty to ensure your baristas are on point. 

All it takes is one bad cup.  

From a customer point of view, all it takes is one bad cup of coffee to go somewhere else next time. If they get a good cup then they will return, but they won’t stay if they don’t get it Every. Single. Time.  It really is quite a simple thing and we hear it all the time. Nice smiles, convenient location and good pastries help, but in the end it’s a properly made cup of coffee that ranks the number one reason for customer loyalty. 

Calling it as it is

Using our good brand name to bring custom alone is a mistake, it will help, but it will not bring customers back if your barista is not on their game. In fact it will only hurt your business, and our reputation. 

Please get in touch with us for training if you feel your staff are letting you down and you have no idea where to begin, our account managers are always on hand to help you make an excellent cup … it’s actually all they want to do! 

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