New Single Origin Release: Kenya Kianjiru

Kenya Kianjiru - Badger & Dodo

Apple. Black currant. Honey. We couldn’t be more excited to be sharing with you the Kianjiru from Kirinyaga Kenya. This coffee is complex, sweet and full of adventure and is bound to make you say: “Maybe just one more cup!”

Region: Kirinyaga

Producer:  Baragwi Cooperative

Altitude: 1600 – 1800 masl

Coffee varieties: Batian, Ruiru 11, SL-34, SL-28 

Process: Washed

Drying: Dried on African drying beds for 8-14 days

Cupping notes: Apple, Blackcurrant, Honey

Cupping score: 87.00

The Baragwi FCS is the biggest farmer society in Kenya, the society was registered in October 1953 to promote the social and economic interests of its members. The farmers are supported by farm management services to increase productivity and quality.

Cherries are hand sorted for unripe and over ripe by the farmers before they go into production. Deliveries from different farmers are processed together on the delivery day.The coffee is fermented for 16-24 hours under closed shade. After fermentation the coffees are washed and again graded by density in wash​ing channels and are then soaked under clean water from the Gatomboya stream for 16-18 hours.

The coffee is then sun dried for 8 – 14 days on African drying beds.

The Chairman of this society has implemented various processes throughout all the factories of the Baragwi FCS. One of them is to install tiles on all the washing channels and fermentation tanks. Moreover, the water for the processing is being reused.

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