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Wilfa Svart Conical Grinder

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Wilfa Svart Conical Grinder - Silver  120.00

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*Supplied on EU two pin plug

Sleek and approachable, the Wilfa Svart Grinder is one of the most affordable specialty coffee grinders available. And yet its conical burrs give outstanding grind consistency that is widely used in commercial settings as well as homes. Wilfa Svart grinders are compatible with a variety of brew methods: namely, the filter, french press, Aeropress and percolator. Its user-friendly settings allow you switch with ease between grind sizes.

With an easy-to-use interface, you’ll find no trouble make a professional-tasting brew either at home or in a professional cafe environment. The generous bean hopper holds 250g and the timer function make for easy grinding – just add your beans and press go! The Wilfa Svart’s small footprint and crisp, Nordic styling make it the perfect accessory to display on any counter-top.

Product features:
• Brand: Wilfa
• Range: Svart
• Hopper material: UV protected plastic
• Conical burrs material: steel
• Capacity: 250g whole beans
• Grind settings: steeped coffee, French press, filter coffee, Aeropress, Moka pot
• Smart function: timer for correct coffee amount
• Colour: black
• Power: 160W DC motor
• Dimensions: H: 312 x L: 200 x D: 155mm
• Weight: 1.9kg

2 reviews for Wilfa Svart Conical Grinder – Silver

  1. John Paul (verified owner)

    Had this for a few weeks now and I am delighted with it so far.
    Relatively compact, it’s pretty discrete on the kitchen counter.
    I have a Sage Barista Express, wanted to get a standalone grinder as a backup for the built-in grinder on that unit (so I am not tied to an all-in-one espresso machine in the future), but also for use separately with a Chemex and French Press. I tested it with espresso size grind and seems to perform well at that size with no issues.
    The dial size is changed by rotating the hopper unit, and rather than numbering there are just dots around the rim and visible guides for “FRENCH PRESS”, “FILTER”, “AEROPRESS” and “MOCCA” as the 4 categories. This can be a bit disconcerting at first as you will find yourself identifying grind settings as “First dot to the left of F in FILTER” (my own preference for Chemex – I found that some of the setting spoken about on the internet “T in FILTER” as far too small a grind that took far too long to brew and wound up bitter).
    You get a hang of that pretty quickly, and depending on your regular grind types, this is no impediment to ease of use.
    The grinder I was delivered had the 3 pin UK\Ireland plug type, not the 2 pin EU plug mentioned in the listing, so no adapter was required for me to use. A real bonus!
    Slightly quieter grinder than that on the Sage.
    The grind collector is easy to remove & replace for use. The container is made of plastic and prone to static, but this is down to material rather than being a machine specific issue. I found that by weighing my beans in a ceramic cup, then running water over a tea spoon handle (not soaking, just slightly wettened) then shake it & use to stir the beans for a second before putting into the hopper greatly reduces the static and thus stops the grind sticking to the container sides. Easy to rinse clean & dry afterwards.
    Absolutely delighted with the grinder, it’s well reviewed in general across other websites, and I couldn’t agree more – great machine!

  2. Kate Griffin (verified owner)

    What an awesome grinder I was so happy as recieving as a gift I purchased another one for a wedding present.

    The settings for grind size are excellent and very useful and speed and sound of grinder are great for any home.

    The filter setting is perfect for v60 which is my go to daily.

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