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Many may not have heard of the Aeropress, but this is truly a popular choice of home speciality coffee enthustiasts – although this device has been around for a few years. There has even been, for some years now, a world Aeropress championship.

With a small paper filter and a plunger like action, there is also an element of espresso machine where a fine grind causes the coffee to be put under gentle pressure – reaching into the coffee that little bit more and extracting more depth and complexities than a simple ‘stew and brew’ method. Also, and as with the v60, this method allows you to control the grind size and water brewing temperature – both extremely important variables that allow you to chose precisely what level you think brings about optimum extraction that suits your palate. Not quite as convenient at the v60, but we believe is worth the extra 20seconds effort at the start of your day: still, at 4 cups per minute is pretty fast.

The main body is composed of a robust dishwasher proof cylinder and heavy industrial plunger plug. Comes with a customised stirrer, scoop, filter cap, 100 micro filter paper filters and instruction booklet.

“The Aeropress is an incredible coffee maker – the most versatile I own. It is rate to find something so easy to use that doesn’t compromoise on cup quality, a must have tool for any coffee lover” – James Hoffman, World Barista Champion 2007. Square Mile Coffee.

“This amazing advance in home brewing equipment is easy to carry, simple to use and quick to clean. Essential for every coffee enthusiast” – Gwilym Davies, World Barista Champion 2009. Prufrock Coffee.

Importantly the Aeropress gives a broader reflection of why a speciality coffee might be that extra bit special – an essential tool if you are going to be exploring the depths of any of our speciality coffees and wanting to experience the finer points of what our coffees are really about.


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