Rwanda Nyungwe

From:  11.47

Forest Fruits, Lemon Balm Tea

Rwanda Nyungwe From:  11.47

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RWANDA Nyungwe

Region: Nyamasheke District

Altitude: 1750-1800 masl

Varieties: Red Bourbon

Washing Station: Nyungwe

Process: Washed

Drying: African beds

Cupping notes: Forest Fruits, Lemon Balm Tea

Cupping score: 86

Nyungwe is situated in Nyamasheke District, specifically in Kagano Sector, Gako Cell. The Station is very isolated and uniquely positioned at the start of a wide upsloping valley that stretches for 9km deep leading to the largest rainforest in the country, the Nyungwe Forest. Farmers cultivate their crops right up to the edge of the native forest, and all the farmers in the sector deliver their coffee cherries to this station. The station’s surroundings are relatively level, with the processing facilities, storage, and nursery located on the slopes of the station.

The station has an annual production target of 300 to 350 metric tons, but currently had purchased around 200 metric tons with three more weeks left in the season, they do not think they will reach the 300 MT target at the bottom of the bracket, 1,047 farmers are located in the area, all of them are delivering to the station or to the collection site along the valley. The average farm size ranges from 150 to 3,000 coffee trees, with an overall average of 1,000 trees per farm. Farmers use various means to transport their coffee, including bikes and walking. There are 11 collection points in the region. All registered farmers are part of the ATP (Agronomist Training Program).  A notable feature of the Nyungwe Station is its favourable climate, which is distinct from the rest of the country, the cooler than usual nights, caused by the proximity to the forest, slow down naturally the ripening process of the cherries, factor that contribute to the distinct complexity of flavours found in the lots produced here. The station is on the edge of the sector, adjacent to the National Forest, where locals often encounter visits from baboons during their daily lives. In addition to its primary operations, the station has a nursery on-site and distributed 100k trees in 2022, with plans to distribute 200k more after the 2023 harvest is finished.


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