Guatemala Del Valle

From:  11.00

Dried Mango, Date, Vanilla

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Guatemala Del Valle From:  11.00

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Guatemala Del Valle

Producer: Marvin Carias

Region: Jalapa, Fraijanes

Altitude: 1600-1700 masl

Coffee varieties: Bourbon, Caturra,  Catuai, Pache

Process: Washed

Drying: Sun dried on patio

Cupping notes: Dried Mango, Date, Vanilla

Cupping score: 85

Del Valle is a regional blend of coffees from small farmers in the Jalapa region of Guatemala. This beautiful region is distinct from other growing regions of Guatemala, it boasts pine forests scattered across a mountainous landscape, teeming with birds and wildlife. Producers in this region typically sell cherry to centralized wet mills, which carefully conserve water resources in the area.

This coffee was grown by Marvin Carias and his family as well as coffee farmers that live near him, and processed at Marvin’s wet mill. Marvin has been working with us for several years now, and we have communicated some key elements of producing quality coffee – in particular, Marvin is strict about accepting only the ripest cherry when buying coffees from his neighbors. The farmers  are small producers in the area and the blend is traceable to the  farm level.  The coffees are then processed carefully on drying patios overlooking the wooded landscape. This consistency and quality enables us to offer their coffee as the del Valle blend.

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    Giving it time and enjoying it!

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