Coffee Filled 500g Canister


Reusable Canister Filled w/ 500g of Coffee

Filled 500g Coffee Canister - Badger & Dodo
Coffee Filled 500g Canister  29.00

Coffee Filled 500g Canister

What’s better than recycled or even compostable? Reusable!

How does it work?

—Choose from one of our 85+ Graded Main Stay Coffees

—Choose your grind setting

—We will send 500gs of  your coffee of choice in a reusable stainless steal 500g canister.

**Interested in the Roaster’s Choice? Check out what coffee is on offer by going to home page HERE**

About the Canisters

These canisters have been manufactured specifically for storing freshly roasted coffee.

Where to refill?

– At either of our Roastery Outlets in Cork City—Barrack Street or South Mall.

—Take advantage of our cheaper 1Kg or 2.5Kg bags. Just make sure you reseal the larger bags.

– Try our retail cafe partners who sell our coffee around town who should be happy to sell you 500g straight from their larger bags.

Features include:-

  • Airtight Seal
  • One-way valve for degassing
  • Light proof
  • Roast date calendar in lid
  • 500g Capacity
  • Grade 304 Stainless Steel