Green Matcha 100g

100g Organic Culinary Grade


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This is Matcha in its pure form. For the true matcha lover that wants to drink their matcha straight or drink their matcha lattes free from any additional flavours. It has the fresh grassy flavour of matcha and is the purest way to get your matcha boost. A half teaspoon of this, mixed into your morning hot milk or water, and you’ll be alert and ready for the day. This is a very high-grade culinary matcha: smooth and free of bitterness

Matcha has a unique and fascinating history. It is held in high regard by both the Chinese and Japanese traditions. It is First Flush Green Tea that is shade grown and then ground down to a fine powder.

Matcha is known to be a superfood and here’s why:

• It has 9 times more beta-carotene than Spinach
• It gives an energy boost that is gently released over 3-6 hours.
• It also beats Green Tea with ten times more antioxidants.
• Japanese monks have used Matcha to remain calm and alert.
• It helps you focus while calming your nervous system.

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Ingredients (Certified Organic):
Matcha Green Powder (Culinary Grade) 100%



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