Pay Once 1 Year Decaf Coffee Subscription

From:  186.84 for 1 year

Milk Chocolate, Almond, Lemon

Pay Once 1 Year Decaf Coffee Subscription From:  186.84 for 1 year
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Decaf Coffee Subscription

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Mexico La Laja – MWP Decaf

Region: Hustusco, Veracruz

Altitude: 1100–1300 m.a.s.l

Varieties:  Bourbon, Caturra

Process: Washed

Drying: Sundried on parabolic bed

Cupping notes:  Milk Chocolate, Almond, Lemon

You’re missing out on the caffeine and that’s your choice, fine, really, no …. reeaaally – BUT why miss out on body, flavour & acidity ?

The Decaf MWP Mexico HG is a traceable single estate coffee from the Finca La Laja farm close to the village of Huatusco in the state of Veracruz. La Laja is owned by Hermilo Sampieri. For three generations, the Sampieri family has produced coffee on approx.

The farm is certified for its sustainable production with RFA and 4C. The name “La Laja” is derived from the name of a stone common in the region of Huatusco, Veracruz.The harvest can go from October/November up through April. Using water from the glaciers of the highest mountain in Mexico, a method called Mountain Water Process, the Mexico HG is immersed to extract caffeine. This method allows the green beans to maintain their flavor, as the water passes through a filter that removes the caffeine from the water, so that the water can be re-used with just the bean profiles it originated with. This method is done by DESCAMEX (Descafeinadores Mexicanos).