Scale Black Mirror Plus 2 -Timemore


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Scale Black Mirror Plus 2 -Timemore  70.00

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Scale Black Mirror Plus 2 Black–Timemore

The Timemore scale is an amazing scale for the pro-sumer that wants to take their coffee game to the next level, without breaking the bank. With Scratch-resistant matte texture, accurate performance, waterproof silicon pad for insulation, reset button to restart, and LED backlight display you can’t go wrong with this scale.

This scale offers:

  •  A timer for better experience
  • Can quickly be recharged
  • It has a sleek yet clear design
  • It is compact and lightweight


  • Hidden LED display; comes to life when you press on
  • Minimum weight 0.5g, maximum weight 2kg
  • USB Chargeable
  • Timer
  • 24 hrs long standby
  • 3 minute auto turn off
  • Size 152mmx130mmx26
  • Battery display – 1600 mAh high-capacity battery
  • Matt surface helps to keeps clean from fingerprints and stains
  • Silicon pad to ensure nothing skids off the surface
  • The surface is waterproof but the charging port is not!


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