Badger & Dodo Vintage Enamel Mugs

From:  12.50

Vintage Enamel Mugs

Badger & Dodo Vintage Enamel Cups
Badger & Dodo Vintage Enamel Mugs From:  12.50

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Badger & Dodo Vintage Enamel Mugs

Who doesn’t want to transport back in time? Well until that is possible, why not spend your mornings sipping coffee or espresso out of oue of our Enamel Vitage Mugs.

They come in two sizes, 120ml – Espresso Cup, and 285ml – Coffee Mug. Perfect for any home, work, or holiday set up.

  • Perfect for cafes, campers, walkers, picnics or for bringing the outdoors inside!
  • Manufactured in high-grade carbon steel with a toughened enamel glaze
  • The colours stay vibrant and cannot burn, so they are ideal for travellers
    and campers heating their brews and soups on the go!
  • This product is not dishwasher safe, delicate cool hand wash only!
  • Please do not use in a microwave oven
  • Slight imperfections in the surface of the enamel finish (such as dimples,
    dots, variations in the enamelling etc…) should be expected; but these
    all add to the rustic, vintage charm of these high quality mugs


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