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1kg Badger & Dodo Drinking Chocolate

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Badger & Dodo Hot Chocolate
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We are proud to introduce to you our bespoke blend of couverture drinking hot chocolate flakes, developed in collaboration with our friends from Ó Conaill Chocolate

We tried many blends 😋 … and settled on our own bepsoke blend of Milk Chocolate with a 34% cocoa content and Dark Chocolate with a 55% cocoa content. We have never tasted anything like this and we are delighted to add it as an offering to our menu.

We have always been passionate about speciality coffee, so a collaboration like this has been long overdue.


Remember to store this product in a cool dry place, away from direct heat or sunlight.

The optimal aim is to agitate the chocolate as little as possible during making, which results in the smoothest texture and most balanced flavour. This is why we recommend the use of flaked couverture chocolate, which has the greatest surface area of any solid form of chocolate and therefore requires less time heating (steaming etc) and less agitation (stirring etc).

The process we recommend is very simple. Place the required number of heaped 1oz ladles of chocolate in a frothing jug (two ladles for 8oz, three ladles for 12oz for example; 1 ladle is approximately 25g).

Pour cold or lukewarm (not hot) milk onto the chocolate. Use about 2/3 of the milk you need to fill the cup.

With the steaming wand, heat and texture the milk to the same temperature as you would if you were steaming milk alone for latte etc. Do not exceed serving temperature.
If you have a soda spoon, give the mixture a little stir to ensure that any chocolate melted to the sides of the jug is mixed in and pour into the cup.

Top the hot chocolate off with textured milk from your regular frothing jug. We like a flat- white microfoam texture for this.

Pour until the microfoam is slightly proud of the cup rim and using the ladle, sprinkle a little of the chocolate flakes on top very lightly. This adds three benefits: it looks great, the customers first sip will be through a very thin layer of melted chocolate and finally, if there is more than one type of hot chocolate on a tray to be served to customers, the chocolate on top is the easiest way of denoting the mixture for your floor staff.


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