Uganda: Chigalagala

Winey, Candy, Tropical Fruit

From:  9.14

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Chigalagala Uganda Single Origin Coffee

Region: Kasese area, Western Uganda

Altitude: 1500-2000 masl

Varieties: SL-34, SL-28, SL-14

Process: Natural

Drying: Sun dried on patio

Cupping notes: Winey, Candy, Tropical Fruit

Cupping score: 86


The coffee is processed at a modern and central drying station focused solely on naturals. This coffee has a very distinct and recognisable natural profile, leaning into classic natural fermentation, with mature fruit flavours and hints of lactic and boozie attributes. The coffee cherries are selected based on quality and sustainability programs with the smallholders. After reception the cherries are floated and dried on beds with continuous sorting.

All the coffees are from smallholder communities around the Kasese area in Western Uganda. Many refers to this area as the Rwenzori mountain range, which in the local language translates to “The Mountains of the Moon. The landscape is stunning. Just a few kilometers away is the Queen Elizabeth National Park, one of the main game parks in Uganda.

Most of the cherries are from farms located in specific parishes (villages) at altitudes between 1500 – 2000 masl. Farmers are small and have about have about 600 – 1000 trees on average, each tree produces approximately 0.5 kg of greens. They work in community groups, where each community has a lead farmer with a demonstration plot where they will train 30-50 farmers in their community.


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