Tanzania: Ilomba AA

From:  8.62

Blackcurrant, Herbal Tea, Grape



Region: Mzobi district, Mbeya region

Producer:  311 smallholder farmers

Altitude: 1800 – 1900 masl

Coffee varieties: Kent

Process: Washed

Cupping notes: Blackcurrant, Herbal Tea, Grape

Cupping score: 87.00

The Ilomba Factory (washing station) was established in 2007 and is located in Ilomba Village, Mbozi district, on steep sloping hills of South Western highlands region of Mbeya. The water used for the processing comes from the Songwe river, which is 50m away. The Chairman of this AMCOS (agricultural and marketing co-operatives society) is the pastor of the Ululu village. This increases the trust of the members towards the AMCOS.

Currently, the group has 311 members. They also provide benefits to other farmers who are not members of the group through the use of the group’s facilities to improve the quality of the coffee their neighbours produce. The group expects growth in both farmer membership number and increased quality coffee tonnage.

The cherries are pulped either by hand or with a Penagos pulper. The parchment is fermented in water for 18-36 hours and soaked in tanks on clean water for 8-12 hours before it is moved to the drying tables. Parchment is dried on raised beds in the sun for 8 – 14 days.