Digital Scale & Brew Timer


A must for manual brewing

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If you want the most out of your cup then these scales are essential. Follow our brew guide to start yourself on the right track to getting a whole new world out of your coffee. It’s ok – get a little geeky about it!

Example. So you want to brew a 300ml cup of coffee from your v60.
– General brew ratio is 60g per litre.
– Can you tell the difference between 20g and 25g of coffee ?
– That extra 5g of coffee represents 25% more coffee. Would you put 250g of flour into a cake if it called for 200g. What do you think would be the end result ? Same with coffee.

Same for infusion time. We all know not to over brew a pot of tea. Same goes for coffee – and it’s very easy to loose track of a minute or two in the morning when brewing a cup.

These scales with timer are the perfect tool for making a properly brewed cup of coffee.