Badger & Dodo - Peru El Barjone

Peru: El Barejon [Micro-lot]

Chocolate, Berries, Grapefruit

From:  11.15

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Our first traded directly micro lot from Peru Has Landed!!!


Region: Colasay, Jaen

Producer: Juan Perez

Altitude: 1820 mals

Varieties: Bourbon

Process: Washed

Cupping notes: Chocolate, Berries, Grapefruit

Cupping score: 86.00


Juan Perez is a grower in the Colasay District, in the Jaen province north Peru. Colasay is an area that we find really interesting for its profiles and potential. The coffee flavours here can be amazing. Plus, there are many farmers who can produce higher qualities over time, especially with some support on farm management and post harvest processing. This is the starting point for more investment there, and these coffees are selected based on the cup score and the farmers ability to deliver micro lots.

A typical farmer within this area will have just above 2 hectares on average, planted with coffee. Most of the Colasay farmers have close to 100% Bourbon planted and they are organic certified. After harvesting they will pulp and ferment the coffees in their micro mills at the farms, using a small pulper and a wooden or concrete fermentation tank. Juan dry the coffee on a plastic tarp or have small polypropylene tents on the ground, under a shade.


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