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Pay Once 6 Month Coffee Subscription Brazil Conesol

Chocolate, Lemon and Almond

From:  70.50 for 6 months

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Pay one time and get a delivery of our current favourite single origin coffee every month for 6 months.


Region: Campos Altos, Minas Gerais

Producer: Antonio & Lindalva de Oliveira Dutra Vivenza

Altitude: 1100 – 1220 masl.

Coffee varieties: Yellow Bourbon

Process: Natural

Drying: Patio

Cupping notes: Chocolate, Lemon, Almond

Cupping score: 85.00

Conesol Farm, or Agropecuária Conesol, is owned by Lindalva de Oliveira Dutra Vivenza and sons, a family of Italian-Brazilian coffee producers who has been working in the coffee sector since the late 19th century.

Though those earliest farms were flooded during the construction of a hydroelectric facility, the call of coffee lasted through the generations, starting up again in the 1940s. By 1998 it was Antonio and Lindalva’s turn.

They bought their first parcel here in 1998, and now the family farm is 430 hectares in total, with 206 hectares planted with Bourbon and Yellow Bourbon variety coffees. The farm is separated into six lots, which allows for specification and tailored production that is part of the family’s commitment to specialty-coffee.

Today, day-to-day operations are overseen by Antonio and Lindalva’s sons, Piero, Stefano, and Paulo. Conesol is Rainforest Alliance/UTZ certified, and the family is passionate about using the best practices in order to protect the land and environment, as well as their staff.

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