Nicaragua - Los Nubarrones

Marzipan, Gooseberry, Pear

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Region: Mozonte, Nueva Segovia

Altitude: 1600 – 1700 masl

Producer:  Mariano Montealegre & Emir Antonio Aquilar

Coffee varieties: Java

Process: Washed

Cupping notes: Marzipan, Gooseberry, Pear

Cupping score: 86.00


In 2012 Mariano Montealegre bought the land on which Los Nubarrones now lay on, the farm is 5.6 hectares with rich sandy and loam soil and the coffee is grown under the shade of Liquidambar, pine trees and guava.

From the start Mariano and his partner Emir have planted only Java trees and commenced to run the farm.

Los Nubarrones is located near Cerro Mogoton, the highest elevation in Nicaragua, the location of the farm is remote and very difficult to reach; the view from Los Nubarrones is truly magnificent but as of today there is no road yet that would link the farm to the road net in the area.


Cafetos de Segovia is a dry mill located in Ocotal, right in the middle of a few coffee areas which makes it ideal for producers to deliver the wet parchment the same day as they harvest and process it. The business is a family business owned by a local coffee producers family. Martha and Ana, two sisters manage the business with a whole team. It started 5 years ago when Martha and Ana’s family realized the prices paid for coffee were really low in the region and that the quality they could produce in their own farm was actually pretty good. They then decided to create the dry mill to add value to their product.


Most of the coffee is delivered as wet parchment or cherries. 80% of the lots are washed. They usually start the drying on the patio, in the shade for 5-6 days and then in the sun. All patios are covered with some black net so the coffee is not directly on the floor. Shade drying is really needed as the sun hits pretty hard at this lower altitude (less than 900m).


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