Honduras: 72hr Macerated Washed

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Pear, Melon, Grape

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Altitude1400 mals 


Process: 72h Macerated Washed 

Owner: Maria Genoveva Martinez 

Certification: Organic 

Cupping notes:  Pear, Melon, Grape

Cupping score:  87.50

Maria Genoveva Martinez owns the farm El Guayabito in the Las Casitas area of Corquin, Copan. The 3 and a half hectare farm is situated at 1400masl and mostly planted with caturra. Maria has been working to improve the quality of her coffee for a number of years, since her farm is in an area with great cup quality due to the ideal growing conditions.

With the assistance of the micro-lot project, Maria was able to borrow cash to pay pickers the additional money required to make a selective picking, only picking ripe cherries. This simple step was critical to unlocking the potential at El Guayabito. Maria produced some of the most floral and complex coffee in Copan this year, and there is so much more to come from this farm.