Guatemala: Cachapina

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Apple, Milk Chocolate, Pomegranate

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Altitude1700-1750 mals 
VarietiesCaturra & Bourbon 
Process: Washed  
Notes: Apple, Milk Chocolate, Pomegranate
Score: 86.50

Micaela Jocinto is a second-generation coffee producer in the town of Aldea Com, Concepcion Huista, in Huehuetenango region.  

During the harvest she ensured the quality of her coffee by having three picking passes in total on her farm to only pick the ripest cherries. The cherries are carried to be depulped with the help of horses and the after the depulping the coffee is being fermented under water for 48 hours. After this the coffee is washed and dried on a patio in the sun for six days till its completely dry.   

The name of Micaela’s farm comes from the local indigenous language PoptiCachápiná means Guachipilin which is a native tree very common to the region. Micaela’s farm has many of these trees growing and giving shade to the coffee trees. This tree used to be used for healing remedies and used to play a large role in indigenous healing which made sense for Micaela to name her farm after this special tree. 

Micaela’s farm was established by her father and Micaela inherited it in the year of 2000. She and her husband firstly started working on it together till due to the economic crisis of Guatemala, her husband emigrated to United States. “Today I am working on the farm myself, doing field work and teaching my children the love and passion for the countryside”, explains Micaela.