Ethiopia: Tulse

From:  8.12

Strawberry, Blackberry, Grape



Region:        Yirgacheffe
Altitude:       2020 masl
Varieties:      Kureme, Wolesho, Dega
Process:       Natural
Grade:          87.50
Notes:          Strawberry, Blackberry, Grape
Preparation:  Filter

Memhiru Demise was born and bred within a family of coffee producers. While attending high school, Memhiru started to assist his family and learned the craft of coffee farming: when to pick cherries and how to recognize the different stages of cherry maturation, how to dry cherries on raised beds, and how to make his own compost. As many Yirgacheffe smallholders, Memhiru uses his own drying beds to produce natural Yirgacheffe’s. His wife and brother manage the pickers and the workers that tend to the drying beds. After 12 to 15 days, cherries are delivered to the Moblako Mill in Yirgacheffe, to hull the coffee. In 2017, changes within the Ethiopian law enabled smallholders to export their coffee directly – no ECX, co-operative, or union needed. This development started a chain reaction among smallholders: all seeking an export license and an agent that could connect them with international buyers. Memhiru met Yonas Hanifato, a young entrepreneur from the city of Dilla (North Gedeo). Yonas connected Memhiru to Trabocca in 2018 and aims to make this a long-term supply-chain. Besides Memhiru, Yonas has between 20 to 30 smallholders that reach international buyers through him.