Hario V60 2 Cup, Clear Plastic

Cheap, quick, clean and precise.


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True to Japanese innovation and design, the Hario V60 is not just your average drip filter device.The ridges running diagonally down around the inside of the cone allow coffee to seep through the side walls of the filter paper thereby allowing for a quick and overall more even brew of all the coffee.

Traditional mechanisms only have a hole at the bottom through which all fluid must pass this means that all the coffee at the bottom of the filter paper is dramatically overbrewed / extracted time and time again. Correspondingly, the coffee at the top of the cone is under-extracted. Not so with the Hario, so ! Brilliance in simplicity of design.
Made with dishwasher safe plastic to keep the price down.Restaurateurs who want to show that they care about the coffee they serve and don’t want their customers leaving with a bitter taste in their mouth might consider using this in conjunction with one or more of our single origin coffees.

The Cup of Excellence Program is an auction of the best coffees in the world via a pre-registered auction system.Who buys the best of the best ? Generally, it’s the Japanese. Thus, it is well worth considering their preferred way to brew coffee. Enter the Hario range. Delivering a cup which is true to the characteristics of the coffee choice and roast profile.



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