El Salvador: Abel Recinos

Pear, Walnut, Treacle

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Region: Chalatenango, La Palma

Altitude: 1600masl

Farm: Finca La Hondurita

Coffee varieties:  Pacas

Process: Honey

Cupping notes: Pear, Walnut, Treacle

Cupping score: 86.00

The municipality of la Palma in Chalatenango, where Abel Recinos was born and raised, is mountainous and has great climatic conditions to produce specialty coffee. This municipality has a thriving artisan community with hundreds of colours and crafts all over: in the streets, the restaurants, all the way up to the mountains where coffee is grown.

Abel used to grow tomatoes on his farm, but he noticed that many of his neighbours were growing coffee so he decided to study the possibility of doing the same. He saw that coffee was profitable and that the soil and altitude of his farms meant it would definitely be feasible to produce it there. This was twenty years ago, the day in which he planted his first tree on Finca Puerta La Hondurita. Over time, with good practices and proper management, he has been able to produce some amazing coffees.

In 2012, Abel heard about specialty coffee and he thought that it would be a good opportunity to learn more about production, ways to improve processes, as well as to achieve better prices.

Today, Abel lives with his daughter Blanca Isabel, who helps him with managing the farm, keeping records of costs of production and the accounting. Currently, Abel is investing all his efforts in maintaining what he has managed to achieve so far.


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