Red Rock Espresso

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Goodbye Red Rock, it’s been emotional ;,,,-(

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“We designed Red Rock as a blend in 2008 as a kind of homage to the traditional Italian espresso blend. When we designed this blend 10yrs ago we used the only “R grade” robusta in the world … “Sethuraman by Kappi Royale” from India. Whilst we wouldn’t use robusta as a varietal in any other capacity, this one was truly exceptional and so we used that to create a blend to address those cafes that wanted to ease out of their traditional Italian espresso blends. However, time has come and inevitably, we feel that there are just too many better coffee out there. If you visit a cafe who used to use our Red Rock then you will now find them using ‘Yamava’ – our new shipment direct from Brazil to Port of Cork, sourced especially to replace this coffee.


Goodbye Red Rock, it’s been emotional ;,,,-(

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