250g x 6 Month Beginner Barista Subscription

6 Coffee + Tote + V60 + Filters

From:  74.50

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Our subscription package with the a Hario V60 + filters included way below RRP!

Excellent value and a fantastic gift for the person who just loves their coffee. We’ll roast and post a different 85+ rated, speciality single origin to you each month for six months (no blends) Never the same coffee twice, literally taking a tour of the world of coffee. Feel free to look through our current range of single origin coffees to get an idea of the kind of exciting new coffees available. This is an amazing way of developing an appreciation and understanding of various coffees and there origin. Coffees are roasted and dispatched on the last Wednesday of the Month, except in December when they will be sent on the first Wednesday after the new year . Please see Delivery Information for more details.

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