La Marzocco Linea PB & Linea PBS


Strada AV mont1

With over 25 years of experience in the speciality coffee industry to call on, we, at Badger & Dodo specialise in bespoke equipment packages to suit your businesses specific needs. From the fast paced, high volume cafe to gastro bars and restaurants. We stock a comprehensive range of espresso machines from the finest manufacturers the speciality industry has to offer including:

La Marzocco, founded in 1927, Florence, Italy. La Marzocco, to this day continue to offer important advancements in technology while remaining true to their artisanal roots of specialised personnel closely supervising each build stage of every hand crafted espresso machine. Their most recent machine to market and our own choice of espresso machine in our roastery outlet on Barrack St, Cork is the KB90 auto brew ratio.

Nuova Simonelli, founded in 1936, Tolentino, Italy. Nuova Simonelli have become synonymous with speciality coffee through their continous support of the World Barista Champoinships. Their research and development is a constant topic of conversation within the industry as they continue to come up with innovative ways to extract the best out of every shot! Their most recent offering machine to market is the Aurelia T3 Wave which uses innovative pulse-jet technology to explore new flavours in your espresso.


Grinder Puq


Mahlkonig E65S

  • Proven premium grinding profile featuring a great taste experience
  • Innovative icon menu for intuitive operation
  • Up to 6 recipes programmable
  • Multifunctional turn- & push-button
  • Slim corpus with modern design
  • Pleasantly quiet grinding
  • Quick, stepless and single-handed grind adjustment with independent locking mechanism
  • Adjustable and removable spout to fit any portafilter
  • Bean hopper with enhanced durability
  • Universal, robust portafilter holder

Mythos One

  • CLIMA PRO technology has a big impact on the constancy of doses, so with the innovative ‘Clima Pro’ technology contained in Mythos One Victoria Arduino has introduced a smart way to manage the temperature in the grinding chamber. It ensures constant doses and, especially, better quality extraction in the espresso. From a technological perspective, armed with the ‘Clima Pro’ system, the Mythos One on-demand grinder goes to the number one spot.
  • CLUMP CRUSHER SYSTEM The innovative ‘Clump Crusher’ system ensures, with any type of coffee, a regular flow mass which, on the one hand, avoids the creation of clumps in the coffee and, on the other, prevents static electricity in the ground coffee particles.
  • PORTAFILTER LOCK One of the best and most practical ergonomic solutions for the work of the barista: reduced stress on the wrist which is subjected to repetetive actions, and ease of use at the filling stage.
  • ERGONOMIC DISPLAY PANEL The new display panel provides full control over every operation. The LED lights illuminate the operative section also in dark settings.
  • NANOTECH BURR COATING Nanotech coating enables the modification of the molecular characteristics of the stainless steel, just like titanium, ensuring maximum hygiene and, at the same time, simplifying the cleaning work of the barista.Nanotech coating also affects the longevity of the burrs themselves both in terms of performance and of reliability.The result?  The grinder lasts longer.
  • QUIET OPERATION This feature makes the doser-grinder more silent than it has ever been. Annoying and continuous noises are eliminated, thus providing acoustic comfort for the benefit of the setting and its guests.

Mythos Two:


  • CLIMA PRO 2.0 The new Clima Pro 2.0 system provides maximum temperature stability (with the choice of a range between 30° and 50° C), throughout the grinding phase. This feature means constant quality.
  • VARIABLE SPEED The variable speed of Mythos 2 guarantees optimal grinding conditions for every single variety of coffee and reliably preserves its aroma The patented energy saving system provides consistent speed and keeps temperature under control.
  • HIGHER PRODUCTIVITY With Mythos 2, Victoria Arduino has developed a grinding chamber with 85mm Nanotech burrs that speeds up hourly production. The special propeller, positioned to precede the burrs, ensures constant coffee pressure thus producing maximum consistency. Faster service without compromising the quality of the coffee.
  • LARGE AND ADAPTABLE The coffee dispensing section is still the most aggressive part, with highly technical details. The control section (touch display with three dispensing buttons). Mythos 2 is completely customisable. It’s unique in its ability to adapt to every personality.
  • QUIET OPERATION This feature makes the doser-grinder more silent than it has ever been. Annoying and continuous noises are eliminated, thus providing acoustic comfort for the benefit of the setting and its guests.
  • GRAVIMETRIC SYSTEM The dose of ground coffee produced is measured by its actual weight in the quantity necessary to enter the filter directly. This system patented by Nuova Simonelli guarantees maximum precision and consistency. The barista will be able to work in complete tranquillity to offer the customer always an excellent espresso, whatever the variety of coffee used.

Puqpress Q2

  • The Puqpress Q2 offers a “Precision Tamp” setting, that causes zero suction and allows baristas to use a bigger diameter tamper base to optimize extraction.
  • It’s tamp is even more level and it needs less cleaning on the job than before.
  • It has the same small foot print as Q1 but comes in Matt Black or Matt White.
    Together with the aluminum finished details it looks stunning on every counter.
  • Precision tamp cycle so there is zero suction and baristas can use bigger tamper bases.
  • Nano non-stick tamp head reduces coffee build up.
  • New advanced stiffer frame provides further precision and life span.
  • New easy adjustment wheel simplifies correct setup.
  • The new updated design now works perfectly with naked portafilters.