Anaerobic Ethiopia Hambela Wamena

Currant, Hibiscus, Tangerine *Premiumorder through whatsapp

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Anaerobic Ethiopia Hambela Wamena

This is the first of our Premium Series that will be released in our collector Tins. For more information on this coffee visit our Blog Post HERE.

**Please Note: Due to this being a premium coffee we only offering this as a Wholebean offering. **


Region: Guji 

Altitude: 1950-2100masl

Coffee varieties: Kurume, Wolisho

Process: Anaerobic 

Drying: Dried over a 10 day 

Cupping notes: Currant, Hibiscus, Tangerine

Cupping score: 88.5


This is an anaerobic coffee, meaning that it has undergone fermentation in a closed environment without oxygen. This coffee has complex process driven fruit characteristics in the cup, along with great clarity.


Mekuria Merga is one of three washing stations with this name. This particular washing station is located in Hambela, Guji, and buys cherries from around 500 farmers.


Coffee cherries are harvested by family members, they are delivered to the washing station for processing.

The cherries are soaked in water. The healthy cherries will sink, while the diseased and damaged cherries will float and are skimmed off and removed. The cherries will then be moved to the drying beds.


When producing naturals the level of fermentation will be determined by the thickness and layer during the first days of drying in combination with temperature. Fermentation is slower at higher altitudes as temperatures are generally lower.


The cherries are dried in a relatively thin layer at about 3-4 cm the first days. They will build up the layers to 6-10 cm after a few days. The coffees are moved frequently and they will be covered during the hottest hours of the day to protect the cherries from intense sunlight, then again at night to protect against humidity. and the drying more homogeneous. 

single day to ensure and even drying process for this natural coffee.

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