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Discover Coffee Series 3 – Origin

Cupping Score: 87

Release Date: 03/02/2023


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This is the third set of three coffees being released in the Discover Coffee Series.

For more information on the three sets in the Discover Coffee Series, please reference our BLOG.

See details about this set below:

**Please Note: Due to this being a premium coffee we only offering this as a Wholebean offering. **

• Different estates: El Puente, El Campo, La Francisca
• Same country, same owner: Honduras, Caballero
• Same Process: Washed
• Same Varietal: Catuai

The taste differences here are again much more muted than they are with Series 1, however they demonstrate that even coffee from within the same region can taste different, let alone the same country. Take coffee grown just 1km up a hill with altitude where there are less pests to produce defective beans and hence also have no need to use pesticide, perhaps uses a different varietal and gets a lot more sun and rain … for instance.

The Caballero family have many small to medium farms located in Marcala, south east in Honduras. Marysabel and Moises are very focused on sustainable practices in farming and milling. They have been extremely successful producing quality coffees and have contributed to the improving reputation of Honduran quality coffees.

All 3 estates are in the surroundings of their beneficio (wet mill) Xinacla. It’s a central mill where they deliver cherries from each farm and process the coffees. They usually keep each farm’s production separate but when the volume is too small from the day’s pickings, they can also combine pickings from different farms which are just called “Caballero”, without an additional farm name – as such, all the coffees we have listed here today are single estate (farm) coffees. Whilst we can’t get a lot of information about the estates where these coffees come from, we have discernable differences in taste.

There is no right or wrong with cupping notes, as taste is subjective, to demonstrate this point please take note of the differences between our cupping notes and the brokers. As previously stated, brewing has an enormous effect on the end result in the cup profile.

1. El Puente:

• This farm lies at 1600 masl
• Our broker says that this coffee is bright and juicy with a clear orange like acidity and flavour. Layered, juicy stone fruit and a mild herbality. Finish with a mild flavor after eight chocolates.
• We found notes of Honeydew, Malt, Currant

2. El Campo:

• This farm was started in 2004 and sits at 1600 masl.
• Our broker says that this coffee is bright with complex layers with stewed peach, tropical fruit and rhubarb. Thick and syrupy body and a loooong and juicy finish.
• To us, this coffee was Simple Syrup, Black Cherry, Marshmallow.

2. La Francisca:

• This farm lies at 1487 masl
• Our broker says that this coffee is not complex, but very pleasant. Well structured with juicy stone fruit and brown sugar sweetness. Mild verbena herbality.
• In the cup we found Nectarine, Black Grape, and Bakers Chocolate.


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