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Discover Coffee Series 2 – Arabica Variety

Cupping Score: 87

Release Date: 09/12/2022


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This is the second set of three coffees being released in the Discover Coffee Series.

For more information on the three sets in the Discover Coffee Series, and for expected release dates please reference our BLOG.

See details about this set below:

**Please Note: All coffees were roasterd on 07/12/2022. As well, due to this being a premium coffee we only offering this as a Wholebean offering. **

• Different Arabica Varieties: (Red) Bourbon, Pacamara, Caturra
• Same country, same estate: Guatemala, La Colina
• Same processing method: Washed

Tasting the difference in variety is where things start to get interesting. This is not like tasting the difference between a Merlot and a Shiraz. We say it’s interesting because we love this part of the craft – it’s where you can really get into the subtle differences in coffee and really start to fine tune your palate … pay close attention to the parts of your tongue and mouth that light up with each coffee. Many in the industry will prize balance, but key to most is the role that acidity plays.


1. Pacamara:

• Developed in 1958, this is a cross of Pacas and Maragogype varietals. More disease resistant, tends to be a larger coffee bean and so develops flavours at different rates in the roaster drum.
• Medium to dense bodies, creamy texture, complex aromatics and subtle acidity.
• Notes range from chocolate to full fruitier citrics of red berries and stone fruit.
• With this coffee we found cupping notes of Red Apple, Green Bell Pepper, Cashew.


2. (Red) Bourbon:

• An average size bean which is very famous for cup quality throughout the Americans where it was originally brought to Bourbon (ReUnion) Island by French missionaries somewhere around the start of the 18th century.
• “Bourbon is valued for its complex acidity and wonderful balance. It often has a sweet, caramel quality and nice and crisp acidity but can present quite distinct flavours depending on where it is planted.” …. Mercanta Coffee Hunters.
• In the cup we found cupping notes of White Grape, Passion Fruit, Lemon.


3. Caturra:

• A natural dwarfed mutation of the Bourbon variety, although still producing average sized beans with often not quite as good cup quality as the Bourbon variety.
• As a mutant ot Bourbon we find they tend to be sweet, complex and crisp.
• We found cupping notes of Black Tea, Leather, Lemon Balm.


We fully encourage you to ‘cup’ (drink) these coffees at the same time, prepared the same way, and at the same temperature to appreciate the difference.


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