American Coffees

2018 marks our 10yr anniversary !!! To spice it up we decided to embark on a mission to go to coffee producing countries to meet farmers and get a better understanding of how they do what they do. Guided by our existing contacts we took off for Colombia in February 2018. We had a much larger choice of coffees – perhaps 20 times more – we found everything was much fresher and we found some unique profiled microlots. By bringing the coffee direct to Cork we cut out the middle men, give Irish people more work and buy better coffees ! From Colombia we came back with 4 : Nueva Zealand (Regional Select and Micro lot), Salada Blanco, and Elkin Guzman’s Finca El Mirador (A Nano lot).

Then in October 2018, we went to Brazil and sourced some more amazing coffees. Brazil is big, so we bought big as well – keep an eye out for ‘Yamava’ – sailing into Cork in 2019 and appearing here online around February 2019. It was a real standout and collective cupping scored it over 87 points. This coffee will replace Mantiqueira…. all part of our celebration of 10years of roasting, we hope you enjoy the fruits of our hunting !

america orange