American Coffees

We were growing tired of seeing other roasters using the same coffee as us, we decided to goto origin ourselves, meet with farmers and get something unique for our customers here in Ireland. We have a great relationship with our brokers who took us out there in Feb 2018, just after the fly crop, to get first choice on something we liked. We called this our ‘Colombian Initiative’ as it was our first taste of going and getting the coffee ourselves. We came back with 4 : Finca Nueva Zealand (Regional Select and a Micro lot), Finca Blanco Salada, and Elkin Guzman’s Finca El Mirador. Which we will release between August and October 2018. We hope you enjoy our efforts at going to find better coffee, from the Farmer to your cup.

In September, we will goto Brazil and source directly for our Irish market as well …. all part of our 10years of roasting & freshening up.

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